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[GameBoy] [Super NES]
[Genesis] [PC Engine]
CartGB, CartSNS, CartGEN and CartPCE are programs that can be used to extract informations from: GameBoy, Super NES, Genesis and PC-Engine cartdrige images, respectively.


Type Version Description Requirements Features Download



Console utilities; freeware, no special distribution license



1.4 (all)



With the production of more and more emulators of old game consoles I believe that serious collectors need new tools for automatically listing their titles.

This is not always possibile in an easy way: many old console makers didn't define a standard header for cartridges, so in this case a manual intervention is necessary.

On the other hand, a few recent console share standard cartridge headers: these are the Super Nes, the Game Boy and the Genesis. Moreover, with the birth of a solid emulator for the PC-Engine (aka Turbo Graphics 16), a standard header has been defined, which includes game title and a few other information; roms floating around on the web are in this format, so I presume that a tool for extracting these values is also welcome.

The CARTxxx utilities come really handy when you want to build a list out of many roms whose names are not useful (such as game.001), without wasting your time trying each and every rom image. Also, they can be used to check if images are corrupted.

The programs included in this package have a common interface and let you format as you like all informations deduced by game headers. Moreover, starting with version 1.4 it is now possible to modify and update a few fields in the headers of the roms.



If you run every program without parameters, an help screen will be displayed.

The syntax for every tool is:

CARTxxx filename [filename..] [/E | [/X] [/C [/R]] [/P[n1=x[,n2=y..] | @filename]]
[/Fformat | /F@filename]


CartSNS and CartGEN have the additional parameter:

This is the complete list of all the fields for each utility:



Download CARTxxx 1.4


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