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JOYEMU and JOYEM are keyboard emulators for joystick and mouse: they are two TSR programs that let you use your input devices with software that accepts only keyboard input, or with those programs that have weak support for other kind of input. They're shipped with JoyCP, a full featured and easy to use external interface.


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Joystick/keyboard utility; freeware, subject to the following special license:

  1. This product comes with no warranty. It is freeware, but use it at your own risk; the author takes no responsibilities of any sort related to the use of this product.
  2. Everyone that receives a FULL copy of the package can freely install, duplicate and distribute the package, as long as:
  1. FULL, unmodified package is duplicated;
  2. no additional fee is requested, apart from the cost of the media necessary for the copy;
  3. the package is not distributed with other software or hardware.
  1. Any WEB/FTP site can freely distribute the package as long as FULL, unmodified package is downloadable in a single, compressed file (any archiver will do).
  2. The user acquire the right of using the package, but he can not alter, disassemble or sell the software and the documentation that comes with it.
  3. Simone Zanella retains intellectual property and copyright over the whole package.
  4. Written permission is required from Simone Zanella if you want to:
  1. sell this package;
  2. distribute the package together with other software;
  3. include the package in a compilation of software;
  4. bundle the package with any hardware device (especially joysticks, joypads and hardware interfaces).

The concept of 'written permission' applies also to digitally signed text, i.e. a plain text file that I'll send through e-mail, signed with my private PGP key.

Simone Zanella reserves the right to charge money for releasing said permission.

  1. Inclusion of the package in shareware/freeware collections follows this special policy: a written permission will be granted as soon as a full and detailed list of the programs that will be distributed with the package is received by Simone Zanella; the author of the collection is bound to send a copy of the collection for which permission was granted to Simone Zanella at the address specified in the permission as soon as the collection becomes commercially available. Simone Zanella reserves the right to deny or revoke said permission at his will.
  2. Any other form of distribution must be previously agreed upon with Simone Zanella and requires a special, written license, which can be subject to payment.


  1. You may distribute the package only in its integrity.
  2. Under no circumstances you can charge money for the product, unless a reasonable amount to cover copying and handling (mass distribution is not covered by this point).
  3. The package cannot be distributed with other software/hardware unless a written permission for the distribution has been previously obtained from Simone Zanella.



4.1 / english

Fixes in version 4.1:


JoyEm / JoyEmu

Fixes in version 4.0:


JoyEm / JoyEmu

Fixes in version 3.3:


JoyEm / JoyEmu

Fixes in version 3.2:

JoyCP / JoyEm / JoyEmu

Fixes in version 3.1:


JoyEm / JoyEmu



JoyEmu and JoyEm are two TSR programs that, when installed, poll joystick port and mouse and stuff keyboard buffer simulating keypresses according to device movements; keys to be stuffed, autofire rates, joystick sensibility and read mode, mouse sensibility are only a few of the many settings that can be changed. The emulators can also be removed when no more necessary.

For easier configuration, an external program is provided: JoyCP. This Control Panel (that's what 'CP' stands for) allows to set parameters for emulation and save them to files for later use; it can also load previously saved configurations and update resident emulators with new settings; the intuitive interface can be operated with both mouse and keyboard.





JOYEMU and JOYEM are essentially the same program, but JOYEM lacks hot keys support. Hot keys let you change on the fly many parameters of the emulation, but are not strictly necessary -- both JOYEMU and JOYEM accept command line parameters to update the status of the resident emulator; moreover, JOYCP can be used to change all the settings of TSR emulator.

JOYEMU and JOYEM can be easily uninstalled and reinstalled as needed.

To configure the emulators for you system, JOYCP is provided; it can be used to:

Special care has been taken to ensure great compatibility and robustness; both emulators could be cut down in size and made faster if I removed all the checks and workarounds that I left to make them work on as many hardware configurations as possible. Neverthless, it is possible that these programs don't work on your system -- I'm sorry if they don't, but I really don't know what else I could change to make them more compatible. If you have troubles, read the TROUBLE SHOOTING section and, if you don't solve the problem, try messing around with BIOS settings for the keyboard (but ONLY if you know what you are doing!!).

JJOYEMU was inspired from an original utility with the same name written by Pin Fei Sun (version 1.01); this program, however, is completely different and was rewritten from scratch; no part of the actual code resembles the source written by Pin Fei.

This is not to say the original code wasn't noteworthy: it really helped me in developing this package and was the spring that made me start this project -- this is the reason why I kept the original names for the emulator and utilities. I wish to thank once more Pin Fei for sharing his efforts with the Internet community -- without him, you wouldn't be reading this notes.

JOYCP was written from scratch by me (Simone Zanella), to create a modern interface both easy to use and pleasant to see.

JOYEMU takes up about 27K of memory while resident; JOYEM about 26K.

Most important features in version 4.1 include:



Download JoyEmu 4.1


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