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Rddsk and Wrdsk


Rddsk and Wrdsk are two utilities written by Arnold Metselaar for modifying disk images to be used under the fMSX emulators. I ported the original Unix versions under Ms-Dos (Borland C compiler).


Type Version Description Requirements Features Download



Msx emulator utilities; freeware, no special distribution license



1.0 / english



Rddsk and Wrdsk are programs used to extract or write files from/to disk images used by the fMSX emulator.





These utilities were originally written by Arnold Metselaar for Unix systems: I made a few changes to compile them under Borland C 2.0/3.1; both binaries and sources are included in the package; the executables are smaller than the same utilities compiled by Arnold using DJgpp, but they work the same way.



Download Rddsk and Wrdsk 1.0


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