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This is the personal page of Simone Zanella; if you are looking for the Simone Zanella Productions web site, please go here.

Questa Ŕ la pagina personale di Simone Zanella; se cercate il sito di Simone Zanella Productions, clickate qui.

Please visit my other page on EmulationZone: Simone Zanella's Emu Tools.

Visitate la mia pagina su EmulationZone: Simone Zanella's Emu Tools.

If you're interested in hi-fi and home theater products, visit the web site of my store: Centro Audio Video Zanella.

Se siete interessati all'alta fedeltÓ e al cinema in casa, visitate il sito del mio negozio: Centro Audio Video Zanella.

What's new?
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I am a professional analyst programmer and web designer; this is my personal, non-work-related page, mainly dedicated to computer and console emulation. Here you will find many emulation utilities I have written over the years, as well as a few programs of more general usage.

This page is the home of the following free utilities, all written by Simone Zanella and available for download:

Utilities for emulators

I'm VERY interested in emulation, both of old computers (nostalgia?) and arcade games from the 80s.

In case you don't know, an "emulator" is a software that perfectly simulates the inner working of a hardware system. I am mainly interested into videogame emulators, one of my hobbies. Thanks to the work of excellent programmers like Nicola Salmoria (italian), Dave Spicer (english) and Mike Cuddy (american) it is now possible to play again the original software of many great classic videogames on our home computer.

If you are interested in the topic, I would suggest to do a search on Altavista, Excite or Google by using the keywords "arcade emulator"; I'm sure you will find everything you need :)

You might be interested as well to these utilities I've written (click on the symbols on the left to get further informations):

[JoyEmu] Since many emulators are being developed and floating around on the web, and as many of them have no joystick support, you might want to take a look at JoyEmu: with it, you can use your joystick and even your mouse with every program, emulating keyboard input. This site is JoyEmu's home page!
[Super NES] Are you a SNES fan? Do you have hundreds of images of your (legally owned) cartdridges? CartSNS let you extract informations from images, and format them as you want.
[Game Boy] Do you use any GameBoy emulator? CartGB is the ideal solution for arranging your GB files: extract informations, and format them as you like.
[Genesis] Remember the Genesis? CartGEN lists all your titles, in the format you like them.
[PC Engine] Are you using Magic Engine? CartPCE interprets this header format and builds lists of all your games, with your personal layout.
[fMSX] Do you use the excellent fMSX emulator under Ms-Dos? Maybe you could find useful the Dos versions of rddsk and wrdsk that I ported from Unix.


Programmer's utilities

Click on the symbols on the left to get further informations.

[HTML] If you program in HTML and sometimes have the need to receive and translate forms sent through mail, you might be interested in FormRead: this program can be configured as a helper application for Netscape, or as a standalone program that can be used in a CGI chain.
[PC] Looking for something more serious? If you need to exchange data between C++ apps on different architectures (big endian, little endian), take a look at BLlib: it is a simple library that introduces a Message class with support for automatic upgrading/degrading between integer formats and floating point numbers.
[RegBak95] RegBak95 is a small utility that let you create backups of Windows 95 register files (USER.DAT & SYSTEM.DAT). RegBak95 can backup registers, warn the user or show its menu at every startup, once a day, once a week or once a month; up to 10 complete backups can be kept. When all available slots for backups are filled, the oldest slot is reused. Register files are kept in compressed archives, which can be restored or deleted as needed from within RegBak95.
[Joystick] Given the great success of arcade game emulation on PC, I decided to release to the public my Joystick Library for Dos (which is also used in my emulator JoyEmu - see below). The package includes full C source code (Borland C and DJGPP, but should be ported to other dialects without great efforts) and a test program. If you are an emulator author, or are just planning to add joystick support to your programs, take a look at it!
[SourceMerge] SourceMerge is an utility that let you maintain different versions of the same source code. This is not a revision control system: it is especially useful for producing programs in different languages. Since it is very configurable, it can be adopted for many different programming languages: C, C++, Html, Assembly, Clipper.
[SUD] SUD is a collection of Dos programs that I've created for my personal use (SUD stands for Small Utilities for Dos). This collection includes programs to: search for a hexadecimal sequence; replace sequences of bytes with other sequences; extend or truncate files; merge sorted files; change video mode and blink status; show the pathname of a command in the path; set environment variables according to mouse position.

Don't forget to send me your suggestions and your bug reports.

Thank you for visiting my home page; I hope you've enjoyed it.

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